Why Modi & Nitish will make Prohibition their central theme for next elections

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February 11, 2017
Gandhiji’s stand on prohibition: Time, objective & its irrelevance today
February 11, 2017

This brilliant analysis by Uday Mahurkar of India Today of why Prime Minister Narendra Modi, an erstwhile prohibition relaxing CM of Gujarat, will fight his next elections on suppressing the rights of alcohol consumers not only in Gujarat, but Pan-India, by making it even more draconian.  Instead of aspiring to go forward, our power hungry PM is feeling insecure with the rural razing Nitish Kumar making Prohibition his national priority.  Modi, not wanting to play the second fiddle, has instructed his puppets in Gujarat to turn up the heat and clamp down – and to make media worthy headlines – such as with the Baroda raid and the daily nuisance and intimidation we face everyday with random checks on streets.

But keep in mind, while Modi and Amit Shah take their loyal supporters in Gujarat for granted, they bend over backwards for foreign investors who much prefer getting tipsy on a glass of wine than risk diarrhea with Gujarat’s favorite drink Jal Jeera.

MaltMarch calls for an equality in policy implementation – turn this land totally dry if you must, but we will not be third class citizens in our own land.
If the residents of Gujarat do not unite now and fight for equality in treatment vis. a vis. the out of state visitors,  then kiss your ability to fight for justice goodbye.

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